Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Big Five O

Today was a milestone birthday for me.  I turned 50...It felt perfectly awesome and it didn't bother me a bit...I don't really recall any of the previous milestone birthdays bothering me either..except maybe 30?  .. I enjoyed a nice evening of celebration with my very wonderful family; as I sat there watching them all laughing and joking, I felt tremendously blessed...Years from now, I may not remember exactly what gifts I received (except for the wonderful and very special hand-made cards from my niece and grandsons..); but I will remember the joy of knowing that I have a family that loves me.. and that is truly an awesome gift that the Lord has given me...


  1. Wow! 50, you look great inside and out for half a century! Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you Michelle :) Jaden made me a birthday card and at the end it said something like "my speshil grandma is 50 years old wow"..That just cracked me up :)