Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well it's been almost a month since I have posted to my blog.  I have been a little short on time it seems..That might sound funny to those of you that know I work out of my home..Well, I'm just as busy as most who work outside the home..The "home" is pretty much a lot of work in itself.  It is so true that a woman's work is never done...Sometimes I just have to grab my Bible, the three phones I monitor daily, and of course my cup of coffee, and head out back to get some fresh air..If I stay inside, I find that I keep hearing my name being called..The laundry calls me, particles of dust on the furniture call me, the broom and dust pan call me...I'd love to change my name, but they'd learn the new one soon enough. 

I've been trusting God for some very big prayers and I know that He is faithful...Things always work out even though it may not be the way I would think they would (or should, as if I would know better than God)...Stick to the plan Doris...stick to the plan....He's got it covered as long as I stick to the plan...

Merry Christmas to all and looking foward to a very happy new year!!  The Lord is good ALL the time...My HOPE is in Jesus Christ and I am so blessed....

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