Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Birds...Do I have any fellow bird-watchers out there?  I don't know that I could really refer to myself as a "bird-watcher", since I can really only name the most obvious species that visit my yard..Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Hummingbirds, Owls...I find them all truly facinating..

What a lovely sight to see.. a bird in flight...soaring...gliding...skimming over the tallest of trees..expressing what appears to be such freedom without cares or worries...It is so amusing to me that the ones that glide seem to really be enjoying themselves...gliding right....gliding left...flapping those wings a few times to gain  momentum...then gliding again...smoothly and effortlessly- almost as if they're showing off...Doesn't life feel like that sometimes?  Hopefully we are doing more gliding than flapping...

There's something about these feathered creatures that really captures my attention....You can't help but notice them...all lined up and balancing on those tight-rope-like wires strung between the electrical poles (how do they do that?  Must be some law of physics or something); flocks of them flying in perfect formation across the sky...or my favorite little birds sitting on the traffic lights at the intersection of US1 and 442...The tiny ones..warblers maybe?

For some years now on the way to school, my grandson and I have observed those tiny birds sitting on the traffic lights.  I actually don't mind waiting at the red light so we can look for our little friends. Often times there are three sitting together, and so I have affectionately named them Faith, Grace, and Henry... Thinking this would make a cute children's story, I've even written a book about them...I thought it was completed but that ugly word "edit" keeps getting in the way.

Faith, Grace and Henry visited my backyard yesterday...ok, maybe they weren't actually the same birds, but why not?  They could've been, right?  I love the scripture verse that reminds us to "look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow or reap nor gather into barns; Yet your Heavenly Father feeds them all, are you not more valuable then they?" Matthew 6:26  When's the last time someone told you how valuable you are?

I love to use birds as object lessons..teachable moments for the grandkids..that verse is so true..The birds don't have a Winn-Dixie card, God just provides for them every day...we unwittingly contribute to the cause by hanging the bird-feeders in our yards..we thought it was for our own enjoyment so we could attract them and watch..that is part of it, but there's a bigger picture.. so much more..

I've counted at least 18 different Bible verses referencing birds..Swallows, Sparrows, Doves, Turtledoves, Ravens, Quail, a Hen, even just birds in general...and I'm sure I've probably missed a few..

So next time you're outside enjoying the pleasant melodies of these beautiful God you are even more valuable, and He will meet all of your need..not some of your need...all of your need..
Oh, and say hi to Faith, Grace, and Henry now that you'll all be looking up at the light....looking
"The Light"...

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