Tuesday, March 1, 2011


     Have you ever been having just the greatest day ever, then all of the sudden, somebody says or does something that makes your emotions just drop like a rock?  That happened to me yesterday.  Maybe I'm just being a little too sensitive..Could be that, I guess, but we shouldn't be afraid to be so full of joy for fear that something is bound to happen that will burst our joyful little bubble.  My faith tells me that joy is not something that should be up and down depending on your circumstances.  Joy is something that you can really have all the time..It's not just being "happy".  It's much different; it goes much deeper.  It's knowing that no matter what, God has a plan...Thank God, right?!  God's plans don't backfire...He doesn't need a backup plan, because plan A is always the right one.  I sometimes picture God and me in a type of locker room setting...He's got one of those whiteboards with the dry-erase marker in His hand..He's got the playbook, and the game plan is going up on the board..Don't let the enemy distract you from the plan; he'll erase the board before you get a chance to memorize the play, if you let him that is..  

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